1. Can I swallow saliva normally when using Whitestrips?

Yes, you can. The whitener on the strip is non-harmful to human body. It is very safe to use Whitestrips.

2. Can I use Whitestrips immediately after brushing my teeth?

Tooth brushing can damage the gum. Using Whitestrips immediately after tooth brushing should be avoid.

3. What is the whitening ingredient of Whitestrips?

The hydrogen peroxide whitening ingridient is a safe tooth whitening ingridient used generally by worldwide dentist.

4. What should I pay attention to when using Whitestrips?

Do not eat, drink and smoke.

5. Why should I use Whitestrips twice a daily?

Clinical and lab studies have shown that using Whitestrips twice daily is more effective than using it once daily.

6. What if one or two pieces are missed during use?

It does not matter if this occurs occasionally. However, you should use the whole package as soon as possible.

7. Can Whitestrips be used on false teeth?

Whitestrips will clean tartar on the teeth in the same way.

8. Can everyone use Whitestrips?

Though Whitestrips is non-harmful to the human body, it is advised that children under 12 years, pregnant women and patients of ulcer in the oral cavity should not use it; those with teeth sensitive to cold, heat and acid should use it as the case may be; those sensitive to hydrogen peroxide should not use it.

9. Can Whitestrips be used on uneven teeth?

Yes. Just fit it onto the teeth when using Whitestrips.

10. Why there are white spots on the teeth when Whitestrips is removed?

This results from individual differences in teeth. White spots that arise after whitening are temporary, will not damage your teeth and will disappear quickly.

11. Can Whitestrips be in contact with the gum?

Yes, but such contact should be minimized.

12. Will tooth allergy or discomfort occur?

Though Whitestrips is non-harmful to the human body, few users could have allergic teeth or gum, which will not last long. In this case, reduce the frequency of using Whitestrips from twice daily to once daily, or stop using it temporarily for 1-3 days and then use it daily. Those suffering from serious allergy should avoid using it.

13. How long can Whitestrips be used continuosly?

Your teeth will be much whiter after 7 days of use. If your teeth are heavily colored, you can use Whitestrips for 2×7 consecutive days to obtain your desired whitening effect. Following 14 consecutive days to obtain your desired whitening effect. Following 14 consecutive days of use, please reuse it one week later.

14. How efective is this product? Does it work on drug-inducted tetracycline-stained teeth?

This product works on all colorations and discolorations. In single use, it can take effect in almost 90% of users, where it has a significant effect in some users and may take a longer time to take effect in others. A satisfactory effect can be produced on exogenously colored teeth during one or two treatment courses. Its unique quick tooth purifying and beautifying formula can penetrete quickly into the microporous structure of the teeth quickly via nascent active oxygen, and combine with color bases in deep tooth tissues for quick whitening. It usually takes 2-3 treatment courses to attain a satisfactory effect for moderately and slightly tetracycline-stained teeth.

15. How long can the effect of Whitestrips last?

This depends on personal dietary and smoking habits. It is usually advised to take half a year as a treatment course, and also use it for daily tooth whitening care. After the use of Whitestrips, the whitening effect of your teeth will change with time. Your teeth will turn yellow again, and contact with tobacco, coffee, cola and tea, eating or drinkig will accelerate the re-coloration of your teeth. Please use one box of White Smile Whitestrips every 6-12 months or as you may need to help keep your teeth always clean.

16. What is the difference between tooth brushing and use of Whitestrips?

These are two distinct methods. Tooth brushing or cleaning can remove stains on the tooth surface only, and cannot change the color of your teeth. No matter how many times you may brush your teeth, your teeth will not be whitened as if decolorized. Whitestrips will not only remove stains on the tooth surface, and the resulting tooth beautifying nascent active oxygen can also go deep into the enamel and the dentin to white your teeth truly thoroughly.

17. Will there be relapse after use?

Colored teeth are formed when the acid saliva in the oral cavity acts on pigments, foods and food residues with time, so that gelatinous bacterial stains are attached to the tooth surface gradually or even penetrate into deep-seated tooth tissues, thereby turning your teeth yellow or dark gradually. Based on the above cause of colored teeth, tooth whitening is the foundation, and daily care is the key. (For example, smoke-stained teeth result from smoking, and will certainly be colored again if one neither stops smoking nor takes care of the teeth after the treatment) Therefore, after whitening your teeth with our product for daily care will keep your teeth white constantly.