White Smile teeth whitening strips are salvation when you are in a very short time, for some important events you need quick and effective results.

Whether it is on the way out with friends, dating with a partner, a job interview, a wedding, or a desire to look good in photographs, White Smile strips will quickly and easily whiten your teeth.

New experience of teeth whitening

White Smile teeth whitening strips are soft and flexible. These are designed to match the shape of the upper and lower teeth.

Thanks to the advanced technology contain particles that produce the viscosity and elasticity that is unique and has a successful effect. It is their elasticity and viscosity ensures that the strips are firmly on the tooth surface. Oxygen bubbles penetrate into the enamel and dentin to resolve the colors deep in the teeth.

There are no problems in the use of White Smile strips, in the form of be detached from, the excess gel, inefficiency, unpleasant use and irritation of the mouth.

Quick and easy to use

Step 1:
With dry hands separate strip of foil.
Step 2:
Looking at the mirror, paste the strip with gel side on the lower teeth. Press and leveled a strip on the tooth surface, so it fits perfectly on your teeth. Repeat the same procedure for the upper teeth.
Step 3:
30-60 minutes, gently remove strips.


In just 7 consecutive days of using once a day, 30-60 minutes, your teeth will become much whiter. For a more intense effect can be used twice a day, 7 days a week.

Whitening effect lasts up to six months. It is recommended to repeat the treatment after six months, and in the meantime, between the two treatments, it is recommended to periodically use the strips. After each full week treatment, pause using.