Frequently asked questions and answers

Can I swallow saliva normally when using White Smile strips?

Yes you can. The whitener on the strip is non-harmful to human body. It is absolutely safe to use White Smile strips.

Can I use White Smile strips immediately after brushing my teeth?

Tooth brushing can irritate the gums. Using White Smile strips right immediately after tooth brushing should be avoided.

Can allergies or discomfort occur while using the strips?

Teeth whitening strips are non-harmful to the human body. Some users may experience a reaction in their gums, which will not last long. In this case, reduce the frequency of White Smile strips use from twice to once daily, or stop using them temporarily for 1-3 days and then use it daily. Those suffering from serious allergies should avoid using them.

Why should I use the strips twice a day, 7 days a week for a better effect?

Laboratory and clinical studies have shown that using White Smile strips twice daily is more effective than using it one daily.

Can everyone use White Smile strips?

Although White Smile strips are safe for the human body, it is recommended not to be used by pregnant women, people with sensitive gums, as well as immediately after dental intervention. The product is intended for adults and whitens only natural teeth. Does not whiten fillings, crowns or dentures.

Why there are white spots on the teeth when White Smile strips are removed?

The white spots that arise after whitening are temporary, they will disappear quickly and will not damage the teeth.

Can White Smile strips be in contact with the gums?

Yes, but such contact should be minimized.

What should I pay attention to when using White Smile strips?

Avoid eating, drinking and smoking.

How long can the effect of White Smile strips last?

It depends on eating habits and smoking tendencies. On average, the effect lasts up to 3 months, and between two treatments it is advisable to occasionally use strips to maintain the whiteness. It is advisable to also use strips between two full treatments, in order to maintain whiteness.

Where can I get White Smile strips?

You can get White Smile strips in drugstores, well-stocked pharmacies or order online.