WHITEsmile strips


White Smile teeth whitening strips are a lifesaver when you need quick and efficient results in a very short time, for some important events. Whether it's going out with friends, a meeting with your partner, a job interview, a wedding, or the desire to look beautiful in photos, White Smile strips will whiten your teeth quickly and easily.

A new
teeth whitening experience


White Smile strips are soft and flexible. They are designed to fit the form of lower and upper teeth. Thanks to the advanced technology, strips contain particles that produce viscosity and elasticity which is unique and have successful effect

There are no problems like lift-off, excess gel, inefficiency, unpleasant use or irritation of oral cavity when using White Smile strips. They are completely safe for tooth enamel.

Quick and
easy to use


Remove foil from the strip with dry hands


Looking at the mirror, paste the strip with gel side on the lower teeth. Press and level the strip on the teeth surface, so it fits perfectly on your teeth. Repeat the same procedure for the upper teeth.


After 30-60 minutes, gently remove the strips.

The results


In just 7 days of consecutive use, once a day, 30-60 minutes, your teeth will become significantly whiter. For a more intense effect, they can be used twice a day, 7 days a week.

It is recommended to repeat the treatment after three months, and in the meantime, between two treatments, it is desirable to use the strips periodically. After each full treatment, you should pause for a week with use.

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White Smile

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Content of the box: 7 pouches, each one with upper and lower strip (total 14 strips)

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    Content of the box: 7 pouches, each one with upper and lower strip (total 14 strips)