Proper use of teeth whitening strips

If you follow a few tips when using the strips, the results will be maximum, and at the same time you will avoid the possibility of sensitive gums:

• Do not brush your teeth immediately before applying the strips. Brushing teeth can irritate gums, so sensitivity will occur when using the strips.

• Place the side of the strip with the gel on (the side that is stuck to the plastic base). If you did not apply the strip evenly, straighten the strip with gentle pressure so that it completely covers the teeth. However, try to keep the contact with the gums to a minimum.

• Do not eat, drink or smoke while the strips are on your teeth. However, you can swallow saliva and talk normally.

• Keep the strips on your teeth for 30-60 minutes and remove them after that period. After 60 minutes, the active ingredients are no longer effective and it is not recommended to keep them on the teeth for longer than the recommended time.

• Gently peel off the strips from the teeth and remove the rest of the gel.

Already after the first use, you can enjoy a brighter smile, and with each subsequent one, your teeth will be even whiter.